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Welcome to a different level of content creation. At Youbooks, we employ AI to make sure that these writings are not only coherent and polished but also well-researched and perfectly organized.

Description of 1
Model Finetuning
Youbooks helps you in tuning the AI model towards your sources thereby improving the subject matter knowledge of the model as well as its coherence in style.
It means... we make a smart author AI, smarter.
Description of 2
Multi-stage Workflow
Our advanced workflow guarantees each writing goes through several structuring and refining stages thus improving coherence, accuracy, overall quality.
It means... good content becomes better through process, discipline, and tireless iteration.
Description of 3
Expanded Memory & Context
By using vector database technology, Youbooks stores a lot of context and memory which helps it seamlessly integrate details thereby deepening or widening your content.
What this means is… our AI can get information from your sources just like humans do hence resulting into well researched and helpful contents.

Do you think faster than you can write?

Your book ideas, unleashed!

No matter if you are a writer, a scholar or a content maker, Youbooks is the top writing helper for you. It allows you to produce non-fiction books of high quality in one click only!

Here is how it works:

  • Describe your book's subject Start with a simple idea or detail your vision extensively! Your imagination is the limit!
  • Enhance with sources (optional) Upload your resources or let our AI curate from a wealth of knowledge to generate accurate, reliable content.
  • Define your style (optional) Describe your desired writing style or upload examples, and watch as the AI mirrors it to perfection!
  • Control your length and other options Whether it is a concise pamphlet or a 200K-word tome, you choose your book's length!

AI Generated Books

Welcome to our AI-generated book selection. This list comes directly from our base model without added enhancements like style transfer, external sources, or editing. Thus, it represents just a starting point of what we can offer. Dive in and see what catches your eye!

  • The Allure Factor
    2.2 MB
  • Wheels of Time
    1.3 MB
  • Mastering Presence
    4.1 MB
  • Mastering Your Niche
    3.2 MB

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12% Human,
27% AI-assisted
61% AI

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Youbooks is a platform for nonfiction writing powered by AI. Don't miss out on the new way of doing things in writing! Join Youbooks and turn your transformative non-fiction dreams into influential realities!

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