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From having an idea to publishing a book, in no time

Welcome to a new dimension of content creation where precision meets eloquence, and technology synergizes with creativity. At Youbooks, we harness the prowess of AI to deliver writing that is not only articulate and refined but also meticulously researched and impeccably structured.

Description of 1
Model Finetuning
Youbooks allows you to finetune the AI model to your sources, enhancing the model's subject knowledge, and style coherence.
It means... we make a smart author AI, smarter.
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Multi-stage Workflow
Our sophisticated workflow guarantees every piece of writing undergoes multiple stages of structuring and refinement, enhancing coherence, accuracy, and overall quality.
It means... good content becomes better through process, discipline, and tireless iteration.
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Expanded Memory & Context
Leveraging vector database technology, Youbooks retains extensive context and memory, allowing seamless integration of details, enhancing the depth and breadth of your content.
It means... our AI can reach out to your sources and grab information just like a human would, resulting to thoroughly researched and useful content.

Do you think faster than you can write?

Your book ideas, unleashed!

Whether you are an author, a researcher, or a content creator, Youbooks is your ultimate writing expert, enabling you to generate high-quality non-fiction books with just a few clicks!

Here is how it works:

  • Describe your book's subject Start with a simple idea or detail your vision extensively! Your imagination is the limit!
  • Enhance with sources (optional) Upload your resources or let our AI curate from a wealth of knowledge to generate accurate, reliable content.
  • Define your style (optional) Describe your desired writing style or upload examples, and watch as the AI mirrors it to perfection!
  • Control your length and other options Whether it is a concise pamphlet or a 200K-word tome, you choose your book's length!

AI Generated Books

Welcome to our AI-generated book selection. This list comes directly from our base model without added enhancements like style transfer, external sources, or editing. Thus, it represents just a starting point of what we can offer. Dive in and see what catches your eye!

Frequently asked questions

How is Text Content Created?

12% Human,
27% AI-assisted
61% AI

* Neil Patel Research

Using AI to write a book is the future of content creation. Youbooks is your portal to the groundbreaking realm of AI-driven non-fiction creation. Don’t let the wave of innovative writing pass you by. Become part of Youbooks and convert your transformative non-fiction aspirations into influential realities!

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